This is material from a series of lessons I did on London with classes who had a pretty low level of English.

The first lesson was on monuments/landmarks in the capital and consisted of a powerpoint (London_1.pptx) and a worksheet (London_1_worksheet.docx). It also covered basic adjectives (big, small, old, new..).


Big Cities

These resources are from a lesson I did on large English speaking cities (specifically, London, Manchester, Sydney, LA, New York).

Firstly, a powerpoint with maps and basic facts: Big City PWP.pptx

Secondly, this document contains descriptions of the above cities and was used for a reading comprehension activity: City Information

Finally, here are the videos I used to introduce the cities: Video Links

For a lesson on Australia click here.

Sketches and Roleplay

This post has a variety of sketches and roleplay activities to be used with students.

Here are five sketches I used with pupils ages 13/4.

i-spy (for 2 pupils: vocab varied)

in-the-airport (for 2 pupils: vocab travel, countries)

on-the-way-to-school (for 3 pupils: vocab repetitive, school)

the-playground (for 2 pupils: vocab worms!)

the-very-greedy-child (for 2 pupils: vocab food)

This is a presentation suitable for younger/less experienced learners as a prompt for them to create a short sketch of a telephone conversation.


The Titanic

I did a series of lessons on the Titanic covering the history of the tragedy as well as using some real life characters from the event to practice introducing yourself.

History of the event in Quiz form:


Information about the passengers of the Titanic:


Character cards:


Sketch/script for roleplay: